I'm Variant and I'm here to say hello! On the forums and on the Pokemon Online server I go by Yuuka Kazami, my personal favorite Touhou character. Occasionally I'll go by various other names.

I like to draw, code, make music and look at the stars. I'm pretty much a jack-of-all-trades, actually. I quite enjoy being able to do a lot of things. I'm also very very weird. Personally I take it as a compliment.

This website in particular is several years old, started in 2009 when I was still an administrator and continues to this day to be a fantastic testing ground for me. I've never changed the layout from when it was first operational. I should get around to doing that one of these days. The site also looks kind of crappy when viewed on a mobile device. Sorry about that.

I am an administrator of Shaychu, where I go by 7. I am also the best ex-administrator of Pokerealm, although, considering the quality of every other administrator, that isn't saying much. I'm also apparently the most influential member of both Shaychu and Pokerealm, which is neat, I guess? I run the official Pokerealm twitter as well, although I keep forgetting I run it. I also run the Pokerealm Steam group.

Also, I'm a guy.

edit: Since I seem to be using this website for a lot of stuff, and I constantly link to it from random sites that have nothing to do with Pokémon, here are some links to some other stuff I do across the web.